The picture below tells the story.  These children are just 13 days post major surgery and they all look so happy and healthy:

Seven children and one adult from Guyana who went for medical treatment to Max Hospital in New Delhi, India returned home on Tuesday morning ready to begin their new life.  Four children underwent open heart surgery to correct various forms of congenital heart defects and one child had a brain tumour removed.  The other two children had follow up for a kidney ailment and skin disease.

The children who benefited from this mission are (Left to right- back row)  Tanisha Ali, Tomaisha Samuels, Mark Anthony Singh, Alvin Ramkumar,

(Front row)  Anasazi Narain, Kara Hardy and Chandini Persaud.  For Alvin Ramkumar this was his third trip to India and he has to continue with yearly follow-up while Kara Hardy made her second trip and underwent her second open heart surgery.  The group left Guyana on February 10th and after spending 2 nights in Toronto arrived in India on February 13th.

The mission was made possible through the initiatives of Three Rivers Kids Foundation (TRKF), a registered charitable organization in Ontario, Canada.  Jeanette Singh, who is the president of the foundation and a registered nurse accompanied the group to India.  “This was an outstanding group of parents and children who went on this mission”, said Singh.  “The children despite being so desperately ill,  were so cooperative and pleasant.  They just wanted to get well.  The mothers also supported each other emotionally and bonded very well together”.  “It was a pleasure to be with them and help them”, said Singh

The foundation wishes to thank the Ministry of Health of Guyana for their financial contributions.  Our gratitude to all the various medical teams from Max Hospital in particular Drs. Viresh Mahajan and K.S. Dagar.  A special thank you to all the donors and to everyone who attended our fundraising event on February 10th.

Three Rivers Kids Foundation is dedicated to helping children from Guyana who cannot be treated there.  The foundation is already compiling their list of children for the next mission slated for October 2012.  Any child who is sick and cannot be treated in Guyana can contact our office in Georgetown at 225 7758.  Since inception in 2005, TRKF has successfully assisted 94 children from Guyana obtain life saving treatment in India.