Three Rivers Kids Foundation is a Registered Charitable Organization in Ontario, Canada (BN 87012 2504 RR0001). The goal of this organization is to help sick children in Guyana whose parents are too poor to afford medical care. We pay for the medical treatment for children who need to be brought overseas.

There are hundreds of sick and poor children in Guyana who are in desperate need of medical help. Guyana does not have any pediatric cardiac surgeons and lacks many medical specialists and facilities. These children have to be brought overseas for treatment. Most of these children suffer from life threatening conditions and will not survive if they do not receive the proper medical care.

Three Rivers Kids Foundation has no overhead costs such as office rent, utility bills, or salaries. All the board members are unpaid volunteers. Every dollar that is donated goes directly to helping the children.

This foundation supplies medications to children from Guyana on a regular basis. We also supply wheel chairs, commodes, prescription eye glasses, and hearing aids.

Three Rivers Kids Foundation is registered as an Non Governmental Organization in Guyana, since February 2008.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 4th, 2024 at 6pm

Marigold Convention Center
6835 Professional Ct, Mississauga

For more info please call:
Savi: (905) 513-0426
Jennifer: (905) 294-9392
Jeanette: (905) 879-6156
Tara: (416) 798-3591


Donations can now be accepted online. Please click the button below to make a donation.


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